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Office address:4th floor, Dianya commercial Edifice, Lijiatuo, Chongqing, China

Factory address: No.32 Lisong Road, Huaxi Industrial Zone, Banan District, Chongqing, China

Tel: 023-62403693

Email: cnlisong@vip.163.com

Website: www.cqlisong.com

    ChongqingLisong Electromechanical Equipment Co., LTD, founded in 1998, located in Huaxi Industrial  Park, Banan District, is specialized in hydraulicpower equipments and the auxiliary sets. After 10 years of efforts ontechnology innovation and production improvement, our company has grown as aprofessional enterprise of developingdesigning, manufacturing and marketing related systemicequipments suitable to hydraulic power generation based water heads from 10meters to 1200 meters , including water turbines with diameters from 0.5 meterto 4 meters, generators with unit capacities from 1MW to 100MWs. Our companyowns expertise viewpoints on Francis Turbines, Kaplan Turbines and PeltonTurbines, which form our nationally top-class technology and quality. With ourcredible, reliable and competitive supplying of products and service, we arewinning more and more marketing shares, more and more partners ofmutual-profitable and long-term cooperation, as well as more and moreresources. We are working faithfully and firmly for a more successful andbrilliant future with efforts and supports of all staff and partners. 

    Ourcompany is very strong on technology, especially on the performance study andstructure design of Pelton Turbines, many internationally high-levelinnovations are created by us, and more important is that these innovations areapplied in many big domestic-made Pelton Turbines. After 18 years of effortsand improvements, our experts have solved two critical problems as the pioneersin the whole industry in China, one is the structure design and runner makingof Pelton Turbines when the water head is above 1000 Meters; another is thestructure design and bucket calculation program of the Vertical Shaft PeltonTurbines with six-nozzle of 100MW capacities. For example, we designed thevertical shaft Pelton Turbine with four-nozzle and 30MW capacity for950-meter-high water head for Guangxi Nanshan Power Station in 2004, which isregarded as the highest level inChinaat present.

    Ourcompany owns working area of 20000 square meters, covering production area of15700 square meters. There are 160 employees including 40 engineeringtechnicians, 8 advanced engineers, 17 qualified engineers, 40 experiencedtechnicians and 12 skilled welders. Our company is equipped with facilitiesincluding Φ2.5m and Φ5m vertical lathes,Φ110Boring Machines, Φ160Horizontalboring machines, 10m Horizontal lathes50ttravelling crane, etc. We also built Hydraulic PowerEquipment Research Institute, Generator Examination Station, InsulatingMaterial Experiment Room, Program Center, and so on for ourresearching, testing and producing support. The whole company is running underthe ISO9001:2000 system and we control and guarantee our products and servicequality in the procedures starting from designing, producing, installing todebugging and all after-sales-service steps.

    Led by theDirectorate, our general manager is supporting the whole company walkingtowards to the wealthy and healthy direction of development, and a remarkablefuture will be realized while building up our enterprise credibility and reliablereputation.